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After a long time our institute, where I had completed my masters, has handed me the degree certificate and final-semester mark-sheet. The management had withhold these documents as I was convicted of being one of the partners-in-crime. Last year, the managing director lost his sanity when he found his fake Orkut profile. [Don't ask who created it!!!].  I completed MA in summer 2008 — and I was suppose to get the mark-sheet around December and the degree in summer 2009. I have waited because I know they were simply delaying to terrify us. I have been wondering if it's really necessary for these overly formal papers.    

Ah! It was funny when the fake profile was created. Who would not enjoy when it was updated that our MD's favourite book is Kamasutra? His favourite movie includes Baghbaan. (I haven't watch the flick though I'm told the storyline includes a love affair between old timers). But we made an ass of ourselves when the management picked us up for the offense. We were reprimanded that we had committed a cyber crime and had to confess before an advocate. I had also scrapped that our MD's girlfriend (was she just a friend?!) is giving birth to a zebra, because she is so fair and our MD, he has Krishna complexion. Both of them are in their early 50s and are made together for juicy gossip in our campus. I surrender for the time being, for they have given me these papers but I'm still yet to receive my hostel security fee. I'm told to come on Saturday again.

I have to laminate the papers and tucked them inside my Original Doc folder. Twenty years of formal education and two years in a professional field — great going, blockhead! Yet I'm anxious these papers, which show me I'm a real person, are superfluous. Can they get me a good job? Can they get me regular increment? Do they make me a better person? Or are they suggesting I have to take more responsibilities now that I've completed my studies? Pursuing higher studies is one thing at the moment, and it is quite different when you are talking about your obligation to life, yourself, plus your family and friends. I choose to move ahead with or without these papers.




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