On teachers' salary

It will take more time to see the light of a better future, regarding the education system in Manipur. It is almost taken for granted and we are waiting for only worst-case scenarios to reflect on the issue. Do you remember there are government ministry and departments in charge of the system? If they are gone hiding behind the Babupura buildings, then does it mean the civil society is solely responsible for looking into the issue? Or do we simply take refuge in hurling abuses at the authorities? The absurdities of life in our state is worth vilifying. I'm also responsible because I belong to this barbaric society. And I hate it.

The latest drama is the confrontation between school managements and the teachers over pay issue. Schools are closed. The posterity is always put at stake. Social mechanism breaks down more often than the number of fake encounters. Government loots. Militants loot. They fuck the land. Civil society is spineless. People are fools. Jungle life is what best describes the present-day Manipur. Is there a thing as pristine... Art and culture? Sports? Even these collective assets that we called our own are polluted in the mess. Nothing is functioning, and nothing is worthwhile. Nothing works. It is so ironical how people are becoming animal in this nothingness. Give them some money. Give them some fuck. Give them some land. I'm just tired – I don't want anything... I just want to live in peace.

The Imphal Free Press says school auhtorities are passing the bucks onto the teachers, and the teachers are, of course, only demanding their sole right to get the pay. No matter how long the schools were closed, they are entitled to their income. But again it says there are schools, which are struggling to make their ends meet. However, there is much more between the lines here as, in recent times, we have seen several private schools have mushroomed around the valley. How much do the teachers in these schools get... a peanut? What do you get when you divide a peanut?

Any opinion on the current issue would be rendered null and void as we have often seen earlier. The genesis of the current imbroglio was the July 24 murder case, but it is long gone from the public memory now. What do you feel about the murder doesn't matter. What do you feel about the children who lost their academic session doesn't matter. So what do you feel about the teachers, who are not getting their salary? It doesn't matter what you feel. Period.

Compromise is the only reasonable solution to ponder on the issues that are affecting Manipur. There must be a happy medium between these actualities and the things that we feel it should be. To put it bluntly: know the facts, review the situation in a holistic approach, educate others, and reach out to the public at large. But would it mean finding a meandering course, like scholars researching on the most minute details for each and every problem areas? Somehow it could offer us a guide, for we have seen, what we feel is of no point.

Ultimately, life goes on... we are perhaps used to the chronic ailments. We don't take up arms against the government. We don't loot the highway passengers. I only fancy man get their due in society. We have submitted ourselves to the state and it is our right to demand our entitlement. Justice is, obviously, idealistic yet we can seek the ideals. Justice is not defined by the result but by the fairness of the process leading to an outcome.

The teachers should get their payment. Period. There is no use of taking up the concept of social security either, but it is their right to get their salaries. The government is accountable, and as commentators suggested, parents and the schools could also go halves on the load. Would suggesting the education ministry to pitch in make me a laughing stock? If not, they are not even on the discussion table. They must be also brought to bear the malaise that has gripped the town. These are short-term measures. Every Manipuris need to wake up to find a sustainable solution, a better education system and get Manipur out of this fucking shroud of darkness. In this faceless society, we are infected with the disease of greed and violence. Unfortunately, we are living in the dark pages of history.



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