A generational disorder found among the natives

June 25 Imphal: Some research findings from a renowned institute have indicated that the Manipuris suffer from a critical generational disorder. The analysis is now being submitted for a professional peer review, according to reliable reports.

The Institute of Cuckoos in the Nest (ICN), which conducted the rigorous investigation, deduces that the World War II had affected an important cerebral area of the people. This impairment plays havoc with the mental foundry, says their report, and it had affected equally all the people in the state and the neighbouring areas.

The study proceeds that there was hardly any bicycle or bullock cart in the erstwhile princely state, when people were suddenly subjected to thousands of roaring airplanes plus ear-splitting bombs and ammunition. This drastic change had knocked the people over, resulting in several disorders.

“Violent behavior occurs as a protective mechanism in response to a perceived threat in psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia,” says Feijom Thokpa of the ICN. He added, “A similar response may occur in personality disorders, such as antisocial or borderline personality. And the most adverse fallout is that the condition can linger for several generations.”

In the same breath, he said that the disorders are also manifested in other behavioural tendencies, such as greediness, unrealistic desires and loafer-ness.

Citing the nature of the deformity, Thokpa said, “The cerebral-homoplastic cortex is located right behind the telencephalon, and any damage to this region can lead to the excretion of a hormone that controls our aggressiveness, impulse and craving.” Yet, he has no remedy for this kind of shortcoming.

However, the All Manipur JAC Against the Misleading Research Report of the ICN (AMJACMRRICN) has categorically rejected the evidence, stating there are several flaws and biases in the sampling method used by the ICN. The JAC has also called a 24-hour statewide general strike, and had asked Thokpa and his company to publish a sengdokchaba in, at least, five dailies.

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