Planting a life

“What makes the universe so hard to comprehend is that there's nothing to compare it with.”
An anonymous quote

Our civilization is about tracing the way back to the centre — that core where we have arose from. No matter how far we have traversed through the labyrinth of this mysterious creation, it is about the question of where we belong at the end of the day. This makes us political, religious, and not funnily, humanimal.

However, our capacity to grasp, or rather the inability to comprehend the whole pushes us to to fit into a realm of what is known by different names: a 'big jigsaw puzzle', the gods' handiwork and other absurdities plus the Infinite and the Unknown. The search for meaning is tantamount to searching for a lost password to your email account while the password lies digitally disguised inside a system. Still the quest continues, and so are our lives. We keep falling back to the outside, but have to delve into the centre. This is life.

I have one more interesting anonymous saying:
“The universe is a machine where you have been placed, and like a machine the outcome can be known. Every battle has already been won or lost. All that is left is for you to choose your side.”   



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