On Diwali Eve

Light, light, everywhere,
And all the buildings do shine,
Light, light, everywhere,
Yet I heard all over, people whine.
Now the tale is too long
No mariner can even vie
The misery with his song.
I'd chosen the place
Outside a minister's gate
To see the light showcase
Yet, more I become so irate.

As I saw artificial disco light
With sweets we celebrate the day
With crackers we start the cockfight
With lolly we go ashtray.
And I realise
I didn't see the illumination
The load shedding that defies
Our life--it's been auctioned.

Now the authority is futile
Now the adopted religion has gone anal
Now Diwali is just another dry day
Now naysayers are predicting the doomsday
Now it's time for another peg.

Light, light, everywhere,
Not a thing I can see.

                      On Diwali Eve With a Few Pegs of Old Monk                          



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