The wall

Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.
Jean Jacques Rousseau

There is a sincere feeling that is characterised by the willingness or reluctance to be a part of national reality. It’s quite sensitive too. I have been prompted by several boundaries of cheap politics; and more specifically, the unwilling part inside me that incites me to say: I’m on the other side. The ‘other’ is again defined by an individual idea of nationality.

Many people simply shrug off citing reasons, which are as varied as many individuals I would care to ask to. But there is a covert sensitivity among us that we are apolitical, that the issues of state and government should be taken care of by the able and competent group and that we are for those who do us favours. For apathy, we belong not here nor there. I would add these absurdities --- the mainstream arrogance on one hand, and this apathy on the other --- really suck!

In another perspective, I see the gap that has been making worse this notion of alienation ever widening. In fact, a wall has been erected between where I’m and the place where people called the big bazaar of a nation.



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