Detergent power

If the clothes be so grimed
with unintentional grunge
there's no other way but to wash it

And it's somehow easy to arrange
all the filthy clothes by their size and type
And the washing, dry cleaning, ironing
But for the skank and stain all around us
we don't even have a washing place

Collect them, sort them, pile them, purge them
especially on a holiday;
If only those were that easy.

Economics is the essence, the sweet fragrance
All I want is a deodorant to spread sweetness
Yet some of us came upon like other people
in other parts of the world for politics, that
Now we smell of stinking blood and gunpowders.

When I went to the local grocery store
for a fairly good detergent to wash off the stench
the owner showed me different brands
and all of them had the same smell of profit.

The order of the day is disorder
Mess up with all the unwashed laundry
Strip, scour and scrub the spots
Strip, scour and scrub the spots
Strip, scour and scrub the spots
It is going to be unceasing washdays.



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