When I'm high

When I'm high
so high on the shots I have had
in the hills of sorrow
I let myself down, when I'm high,
when I look down on the valley of misery.

When I'm high, I want to be high
as high as the sky
and when I'm high
I want to soar across the sky
singing the songs of freedom.

When I'm high, the end of living draws nigh
but in this July of my life I sigh
the slipping seasons vie with no end in sight;
The end belies, stay unchanged all the things thereby
The end denies the means.

When I'm high, I'm high on anything
I'm high, so high on the gunpowders that
I smack from the barrels of the guns;
so high on the blood that
I suck from the bodies of the commons.

When I'm high,
I could throw up on two
and half million faces and get away with it,
when I'm too high
I know I can reject the voices of the voiceless.

When I'm high
I cannot smile on these shining things,
I cannot handle these fickle incredible things;
I can only say, we live in houses only too creaky
in the building of an unknown country.

Nothing matters anyway
But the heroin, alcohol, marijuana, meth and others.
I have found all my friends too,
even if the police have blocked the road to our haven
We're marching ahead: we need some more shots, some more pots.



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