Slam Normal

It’s a dime a dozen, in foreign slang, we can yell
Killing and crippling that man like the lions preying on a gazelle
Oh, it’s perfectly normal to have slipped on the shits sometimes,
inside the crumbling, unclean toilets of our existence;
and to have, to see, to taste blood in the flood of blood
that we are drowned in, because it’s just normal.
And that man is just another man, —Don’t care who he is.

What say, I’m not drifting from the mainstream,
What we kill is what the butchers do to the cows
What we loot is what the sun does to the days.

The other voice on the other side condemning our killing
and condoling is too normal with time-honoured nothingness,
Day and night; killing and mourning
Predictable. It’s all normal.
It’s all normal. It’s all normal.
Kill the mind for a change and let us mourn.



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