Thank You for Smoking

A cigarette is the only consumer product which when used as directed kills its consumer.

         INSIDE THE ROOM          

•They stream through filters
Like marching bands of army
I play the piper

•Slowly it consumes
Helpless airs of lungs, the whiff,
nicotine-stained lips

•In the smoking room
We wear jackets of smoke and ash
The butts cry for fire

•with empty pockets
with compulsion to smoke oft
with biri i walk

•she fagged while i humped
i caught my breath when she said:
‘Are you done, my boy?’

•the picture scares me
it’s a government mandate
to spoil ciggy packs
         NO SMOKING ZONE          

•it’s time for a smoke
you can wait here for a while
no smoking zone sucks.

•take your butt outside
my buttock? i kick it out;
they mean the ciggy’s.

•As the dark lungs cough
the liver smirks; the heart wails:
Thank you for smoking.

         PAMPERED WITH CHOICE          

•from Moreh they come
smacking Burmese and Thai's lips,
Win, Classic, et al.

•Old folks they say they
prefer Bandor to Mantu
Easy on the throat.

•Which one is better:
active evil, passive good?
Smokers’ dilemma.

         WRITE HAND HAIKU          

•Should I smoke or stop?
Should I write haiku or halt?
The toilet knows not

•She sips her tea while
I count the words for haiku
The fag yells: "Drag me."

•with a fag, left hand,
with a phone, right hand; i write
meaningless haiku.

Thank you for smoking © Kapil Arambam. All rights reserved
Thank You for Smoking
Courtesy: Australian Government



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