After the King’s Coronation

1 Black Glory

In sorrow the trees, they shed leaves in spring;
When in spring the king was crowned in sorrow;
The unchaste leaves squeaked, they had turned insects
They had sank into the sea of lorn leaves,
Unknown, soft; the death râle was so hard.

Hands and legs twisted, people turned zombies;
Guns, paper pistols; skies, grey; and eyes, blind
Screaming and shrieking, tedious time’s travel
It’s wasted after the king’s coronation
In the darkness, he basked in his glory;
In some unknown winter, some hope flickers.

2 Beyond the Wall

The king is divine,
Though I’m more interested in the queen
I let them know ne’er;
But her beauty betrays me not, ever.

So I decided
This kingdom be departed, and me, stroll’d

“As your inspired coronation’s over
Permit me to leave;
I have no good place to go and stay
But I have to go.”

“We have seen gods in your royal image
We have seen you well
You have been giving us a royal fuck
Or maybe we’re blind.”

Let these words be no calumniation
The reason’s simple
For my expected departure today
Move beyond the wall.

How I wish it stops,
The world, after the king’s coronation

Beyond it should be,
The heavy narrow walls of the nation
Beyond the border,
The flag and the anthem and the emblem.



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