© Kapil Arambam
I have been an Indian for the last sixty-three year, 
a Manipuri for the last two thousand years, 
and a human being from the beginning. 


Last week, after protests from the Tibetans against the visit of the Chinese president in the capital, the Delhi Police took up some measures to counter the Tibetan threats. But the police committed a blunder in their routine exercise, while frisking when they asked several Manipuris and other Northeasterners to verify their identity. They had even demanded to show the passport. Yes, a passport to show we are Indians! Please imagine the plight; the sheer frustration of being the citizen of a country in one hand, where we are subjected to be a citizen even if we are not willing, and on the other, the impending dangers of being neglected and abused if we go with the flow when we put an effort to be a part of the country. Why is India so arrogant, so racist, so third class?  




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