Mind Your Own Business

I want to be free
I want to live where you and me are one
I want to inhale and exhale freedom
A place, a land which I can leave when I believe
The place, the land should be a burial ground
Of all the death that define our days
And I can go to another place, another land.

And mind your own business!

You don't have to tell me how I can live
Where I can live and which I can believe,
A thousand reasons might be convincing
But, this place, this land is obliterating

Mind your own business!
You gunmen, you government
You bloody people
You priest, you teacher
You doctor, you engineer
You useless folks
Mind your own business!

Your sense of beauty is the Langol rubbish dump
Your truth is the confession of a liar
Your morality is the used condoms in sleazy cafés
Your unity is in the streets of protest, nowhere else
Your religion is the belief of others' beliefs
Your business is crime; your crime, business
Mind your own bloody business!

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