Respect Diversity

Unity in diversity was one of the shittiest concepts that we were taught in school. It was compared to a garden filled with different varieties of plants and flowers; to a garland made up of certain beautiful, colourful flowers; to anything that symbolises we are one, we are together in this country. 

It was, however, just a piece of boring textbook lesson that have no meaning outside the classroom. And we learnt it the hard way, when we grew up, with a pride that we belong to the biggest democracy in the world. 

Seemingly, the world started dividing into two: the 'us' part and the 'them' part, making the idea of unity in diversity a hollow daydream. Nowadays, it has become too banal to criticise India and its garden of unity and diversity. Rather it is time, not to be overawed with a meaningless concept, but respect it. Respect diversity. There is no other way. 




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