Condom Conundrum

Condom Conundrum
Image courtesy: Funny Condom Ads

Morality is a god-given quality
I cannot reduce it to a used condom,
But there is something hideous as I found it the hard way;
Someone had fucked a monkey in Africa
And a disease has spread to Asia
And India and America and Antarctica.
So inevitably I have to use it
And so I have reduced morality to a used condom
Blasphemy, though, is not in my dictionary
So I have used it, throwing one away
Under the sofa of a secluded chowmein stall.
I never knew someone would find it
When, however, the condom commandos stormed,
They caught me with my pants down
They barked the condom was still warm,
One dangling from my penis
And one found lying under the sofa
And it is not about, they yelled,
Africa and Asia and India and America and Antarctica
But the use of condoms in chowmein stalls is unnecessary
When it can be used in the state assembly.
I buttonholed it might be because the condom is heated with morality
The condoms are also warm with the heat
From the choking kitchen of the chowmein stall.


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