My Father’s Pension Fund

My father has failed, he knows not
I have failed that entirely I know it
I don’t know how, but I’m the reason
He has been wallowing in one despaired hope;
Ten percent of his pension fund
My brother had spent on his business
Ninety percent, a million rupees, he had spent
So that I get a job, a bleeding sub-inspector post
But he has failed, the day will never come.
I have failed, I have lost the money
The moneytaker all I can do now is to murder him
He had failed to offer me the job
He asked me to kill him but he cannot return the money
And now there is no more vacancy;
And now I’m weary, running this unrewarding shop
Do come and get photostat and xerox copies
I have also got a printer and a scanner;
Here I have not failed, neither have I not flowered
Mortgaged my wife’s jewellery have I and have I been sparingly investing,
Now my wife she droops when she goes to the grocery shop
She always covers her earring-less ears, necklace-less neck
She goes nowhere, but to the grocery shops
She has nowhere to go; nowhere have I got to take her for a jaunt;
But I love her like the ibises love soaring in the spring sky
Every night I tell my wife every day
Our love enhances the essence of life
More than the jewellers would sharpen their lapidary art.
For the sake of my father’s pension
I will make my son a sub-inspector;
For the sake of his expectation
I tell lies every day, one day soon I will don the khaki; 
Though deep inside I know it’s gone, 
Everything’s gone forever.

My Father’s Pension Fund


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