Monkey Talk

Monkey Talk

Once an old lady told us
Once we used to talk with the gods
Then we part our ways because too much we swear, fuck you

With a gun each, tucked in their trousers
They told us
Freedom is our destination
We would stand by ourselves
We would fight until the end
Yet you know the most important thing
Should you not ignore but pay the money
We had mentioned on our letterheads.

In the sea of humanity
In the cacophony
With arms pressed on the hips:
If you are buying we would hesitate not
To sell ourselves
If you are selling we would hesitate not
To buy anything
We could drink all the free booze
We could let ourselves lost in the maze
We could ignore all but these wasted lives.

In the palace so prosperous
Our masters make merry
Whores for their company
Like the army would protect them
In their puke-filled castle
They are building a land for us.

In my eyes they are the only people
Even if the old lady grieved for the god that got lost
Today, some mortals have changed into gods
And the others have become me, like a monkey
The real monkey in me longs for one thing
In my next bird, let me be a man
On the trees and plants I would hop
I would, for one big time, holler
I’m a man, untill my heart bleeds.

Twitter Blues in a Shot
Twitter Blues
Just found the second image with the whale is designed by Yiying Lu and it is called the Fail Whale (27 Feb 2013)



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