Numit Kappa - Missing the Wide Open Shots

Numit Kappa - Missing the Wide Open Shots

Scribbling while shooting at the sun

Numit Kappa has created a few facts. Yes, we can create facts; after all, we have created the universe and what we believe is a fact is a fact, though it might be thousand of miles away from what truth or reality is.

First, let us set the record straight. You are in a conflict zone, with no sense of identity... you look at the mirror and do not see yourself, hardly surprising though. At most there is a crisis, if you know you do have an identity. The society is a moronic individual writ large. Plato was kind enough not to use moronic. For your kind information, this does not mean a person can choose to live apart from it. This is non-optional. We are all a part. You know it. Everybody knows it.  

Back to the topic: Numit Kappa. It is written in an archaic language. The bad news: Our tragedy is that we cannot even read the modern script that has evolved over two millennia. Main reason: Forced proselytisation. Three hundred years of cultural subjugation plus other sociopolitical, economical and anthropological reasons have produced Fact . But what do you think of literature as a whole, as in its relevancy to cultural studies and the existing milieu? The good news: learning the script is now compulsory from primary to high school.

It is ironical I'm writing about this issue in a second language. But it is quite natural if we know it helps when we are chained to a claustrophobic compartment of indigenous life. It is suffocating to jumble and scramble, fighting among ourselves over who is superior when the whole world is studying what we are really made of. They are finding interesting facts. They even made flattering remarks like we are an anthropological paradise. Oh, take me to hellhole. It is even more ironical, once we were a people in the truest sense and when we got a country, we have become indigens as if we need the country for our survival.

Great works always remain fresh. Whether they were created a decade or a millennium ago, we will always enjoy reading them, or in short, they will remain unchanged until tomorrow. It is even better if the creators incorporate a universal appeal.  

Duality is the universal rule. This is clearly illustrated in Numit Kappa. If the dual of day is night, the dual of night is day. The dual of government is wet blanket, the dual of wet blanket is government. It is quite apparent even if we would never try shooting at the sun. On the other hand, we are busy in shooting at each other for freedom, for money, for a country. Are freedom, money and country really this cheap?

How would you define freedom?



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