Captain Arroganto Can Tell You You Are Molo

Captain Arroganto Can Tell You You Are Molo

I might listen to you if you are PG Wodehouse
But the problem is you are not;
It is not a problem I do not listen to you. What d' you just say?

I might look into your eyes if you are the youngest helloi
But the problem is you are not;
It is not a problem I do not care to see how you look
It is a problem if you are finding fault in my cavalier;
It is not, if I say sweetly, you should go away. Please go away.

I might talk to you if you are president Thein Sein
But the problem is you are not;
It is not a problem if mum's the word. I did say, hello.

That uncomfortable silence,
That awkwardness, but worry not;
Captain Arroganto always says hello,
Captain Arroganto can tell you you are molo
You can go play bongo in Congo. Yellow bongo. In Congo.
Molo, go play yellow bongo in Congo.

  • PG Wodehouse     you know him the Englishman who wrote in a language that I am imitating right now. I got nothing better to do in life.
  • Thein Sein      you know him the Myanmar president, his country is three hours away from our hometown. I love sunflower seeds and 256-in-1 DVDs (256 movies in one disc) that come across his land from all the countries in the South East.  
  • helloi     In Manipuri folk tales, there is a story about seven hellois, the most beautiful faeries you would find in the world. Amongst them, the youngest sister is the prettiest, who can put you under her spell and make you eat earthworms as noodles. I imagine she has a real beautiful Mongoloid face. In our hometown, many people, especially the older folks believe that looking beautiful is like having deeper Aryanish eyes and little pointy noses. Mr Guruthreedoom Bojo Sharma might be able to explain it better. Some hospitals, which have redefined hospitality while giving medical innovation a break, have machines to get rid of those slit eyes and snub noses. We would do anything to look in front of others. That is more important than anything in the world. I am not sure which one she could be, but I feel like I am possessed by a helloi right now. I cannot stop rambling....rambli.... 



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