It’s Kind of Anarchism and Resistance

It’s Kind of Anarchism and Resistance

Usually we like to be laid back, take things easy and stay within our comfort zone. We just like to enjoy the simple things in life, or just talk about them. Like bikes and cars and drinks. What can be more fun? Like girls and gadgets and the like. Nothing can be more fun. But certainly, politics is a big turn off.
It’s Kind of Anarchism and Resistance
It is just plain useless to talk about politics—it is not only ‘non-simple’ but boring unless our lips and tongues are, say, oiled with a few pegs of whisky or other spirits. It is indeed a special privilege for us, to drink and argue, while shitting on each others’ parties and groups and supports and all. In our case, these have been the political problems of living in a conflict zone. The debate seems to go on as long as the last bottle will be there in the neighbourhood whisky store. I have also seen that it is too arrogant to call people a political dumbfuck.

Most of the time, we are occupied with what we do for making a living, which is not necessarily same as living. And we can afford not to talk only at the cost of giving up a significant collective life. Not only this might sound anti-anarchist but the statement can be more boring than politics itself.

However, the consequence of these ignorance and indifference is a stark naked reality. There is a huge gap between the ruler and the ruled; one thrives and the other is deprived. To add insult to injury, we live in a society where might is right and power lies in the barrel of the gun. Our heads are becoming a vestigial structure. We might turn into a museum piece in the next century. Let’s pray we don’t.

In such a politically hollow environment, it is hard to bring up a belief system. First, we desperately need a replacement for the entire system that has been, most of the time, equated with the theatre of the absurd. Secondly, we are too indifferent and ignorant to act. To act can be a simple action of casting no vote and things like that. The tragedy is written clear on our confusion and frustration of living in a remote corner of a third world country.

Ironically, as the theatrical-cum-farcical social condition implies, we only have more desperation. The world is not going to end anytime soon, and with this realisation, we can see an option for living a life on our free will. One valid reason for the new venture arises from how the current establishment and the authority have been fucking us up day in and day out. Another reason is the knowledge that there are many of us who would love to live on our own.
It’s Kind of Anarchism and Resistance

So we can start from a point. The government has failed terribly. The so-called revolutionaries have failed with the same degree of hopelessness. So now we have anarchism.

The first thing that cropped up on our mind when we speak about anarchism is so obvious. I bet you refer to it as some sort of chaos and disorder. That’s popular perception.

The simplest definition of this thought is the aspiration for life without the help of government. It is no artificial—rather it has been a part of our evolution. It was only after the rise of some ambitious folks and the growing awareness of man as not an island unto oneself that we started submitting our rights to an authority, which in turn we believe it would provide us security, more organisation, and a lot of room for improvements. Fair enough, considering there is not a single absolute entity in the whole universe.

Anarchism is more of an ideal than a concrete action plan. But who knows? Three hundred years ago, who would have thought about the global-crunching corporations? Now, we can never imagine that the Presidents or Prime Ministers have out-and-out control or that they are the image of the gods. So, in future there might be a time, in the precise words of Michael Schwab, when the only government is reason. Never say never.

We are so stupid to mind our own business; and we need team work to grow. That’s why anarchism, at its best, has remained a chaste form of idealism. Still, the current of this thought is so strong that it can be used as a form of resistance as well, against inept authorities, tyrants and impotent rulers. It is like adopting a mindset to oppose the coercion. It is taking our affairs in our hand, in some sort of taking direct action rather than being reactive and depending on authority. That will be also a better way to be laid back with no disturbance, take things easy as well as conscientiously and be well within our comfort zone.

(The above three images are sourced from the Anonymous ART of Revolution and slightly manipulated for In Pursuit of Freedom)
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