Us and Them in Monosyllables

Get a spade, dig and cut the earth
Let's split the world in two
Live: Us, on side one, and them on the two
          —Then we will live happily ever after
          So will be they forever and a day after
And see no more lines 'tween us and them
And hear no lies of strange kings
And see no more things that ache the eyes
And hear no shits of the fiends
And cast no pearl 'fore the pigs
But make all good and beaut and cool
And do go to a place of choice, all we have is our half now
And do dream 'bout love and a dove
And fade off: Yes, hear it right; life has no end
But we will, and leave one day for good

No land will save
No god will aid
No wealth will help
The lines and the parts, us and them, one and all
          —All is just passing.

Us and Them in Monosyllables



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