Loudraobi Cinquain Extensions

From an original illustration by Lenon Laishram


Surreal licker
Lap up with all the love
Let me vanish from this world
Come close


In the thickest of the jungle, be there
Let me see your shapely legs no one can steal
Far from this life so banal, there though, you are so rare
Down I stroll as I hold my breath—am I chasing
All these emptiness and meaninglessness
From no one though I have the signs and seals
I allow myself to be consumed in you, by will
Your sensual touch and your tongue blend with the flesh
And orgasmic lick of death seems more real
And even if they make me will, will I will not
And I'll come closer, so near you and call sweet names
And in the climax, help me leave for good, you do
And I'm going to vanish into foggy air in some December.



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