i/iii 15 Days of Fiction: The Minimal Stream of Consciousness

A collection of 15 micro-stories of nearly 100 words, which I scribbled one story a day during Nov–Dec 2015; inspired by Susannah Breslin’s 30 Days of Fiction

ONE: Of Elimination and Correction
TWO: Life’s Little Ironies
THREE: The Most Unwanted Orgasm
FOUR: History and Posterity
FIVE: The Professionals Inc

ii/iii 15 Days of Fiction: The Minimal Stream of Consciousness
iii/iii 15 Days of Fiction: The Minimal Stream of Consciousness

Of Elimination and Correction

At the door the score of men and women shouted at the boy who looked no more than fifteen. He was visibly shaken by the turn of events that he might never have imagined before. Some of them started throwing punches, twice to thrice the number of glaring eyes around that courthouse entrance. A lady with kongkwa-stained lips and standing by, she sighed the people were behaving more like a criminal. Earlier the court acquitted the gobsmacked boy but ordered to send him in a correctional house because he was underage. He did kill the old couple to rob them last October.

Life’s Little Ironies

‘He was a kind of guy who would subscribe to Muscles & Fitness and visit a gym regularly. He would hike along the Cheiraoching Hill every other day. He believed his teeth should be as white as the politicians’ kurta and his meal always as wholesome as milkshake. Last night, he was run over by a speeding truck. He was 28. And look at you, old man. You are 90, drinks a lot, never works out and above all, still alive,’ the grandson tells his grandpa, who retorts, ‘Life’s little ironies, ah!’

The Most Unwanted Orgasm 

It’s been aeons since Mahadeva had an orgasm and his sperm became one of the mightiest rivers in the world and further resulted in the formation of a thousand flourishing riparian societies. However, it was grossly unfair when, a few hundred of suns ago, Mr Army Captain reached climax and all that it resulted was a thousand of protests and violence on the street. When the confused and Mahadeva-worshipping Army Chief enquired, he found Mr Captain was guilty of rape. Nothing good emerges from a rape case, though till today, nobody knew what had come out of the court martial.    

History and Posterity 

Legend has it that Hitler killed himself because he was overwhelmed when he received his gas bills. Other reasons for his death were propaganda of the Allied powers. Back in the town, our Supreme Leader fell to death while he was trying to hang himself. The motive was apparently his satisfaction with life, and not the sort of rumours making the rounds—from his heart attack during an orgy to the suspicion of his wife’s plan to take him out of her way to becoming a billionaire. What do you want more when you have looted enough to nosh five generations?

The Professionals Inc

the doctors carry their special patients’ soul on a stethoscope, the ecg is too fancy for the people who are merely waiting for their last ride to the crematorium, the engineers lurk around commons and empty spaces with their strain gauges flow meters and vibration isolators, the bureaucrats have a mound of folders carefully separated with red cello tapes at the edges, the sex workers arrive with the cheapest condoms they have received from drop-in centres, now tomba’s parents are determined: from hindsight their kid should become a doctor engineers or bureaucrats but a lawyer fuck no



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