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Zero Gravity Haiku

Of aeroplane, airport and flying 

What I intended
It's the home in the valley,
Now I'm nowhere

You fly, you don’t soar
No matter how high you are;
Addiction mishap

With nothing to do,
Look at the air hostesses;
Dolls and plastic smile

The impending home
Thousands of dreams and desires
But fucked with no plan

Gladly I go home
Or I leave home listlessly,
The to-and-fro blues

The girl up the aisle,
She looks gorgeous from behind
Forosa, from front

Required: Tongue cleaners,
Four cabin crews have fainted
Make up overdosed

The half open eyes
Sleepy ride to the airport,
But the home’s all up

Familiar beds
The familiar faces
Fuckedup folks and fears

Glide through the cotton
White and off-white clouds;
Nature’s candy floss

Two hours left for home
The one-hour delayed flight;
Time’s always a bitch

Land at Guwahati
Beware of rhinoceros
The Ahoms and Bongs

Two haiku away
The impatient airport waits;
Full bladder, pumped up

What you are is here
High above hills and houses
—The human ego

Imphal always waits
For people; I don’t know who;
Blood, bombs and bullets

Planes have flying gears
Reverse gears and steering wheels
Fuck the science consoles

It’s the longest place
Even the sun is nearer
Waiting for luggage

In eighteen haiku
We reach the land of ULFA;
Next, UNLF’s

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