A Declaration of Death

I’d desist from going to the municipal corporation to get a death certificate
I’d desist from going to a newspaper office to publish my own obituary

Get no sorat for me
Get no firoy for me

I’m dead
I live no more

A bit of this remains
A bit of that

I can see life no more
I cannot even see my own death

My consciousness for you is down the Imphal
My consciousness wouldn’t even flow down the Loktak

The people I love and the people I respect and the people around me and the people that I know and the people I don’t know and the people everywhere are a people no more
The people have died with my own death, and all the love and all the respect and all the folks and all the strangers and all the unseen people have died with my own death

See no love
See no respect

Only ghost
I only see my ghost now.



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