Manipur Merger Agreement 1949 (Full Text)

Manipur was annexed to the Union of India in 1949. All along the Government of India stays adamant that the decades-old armed movement as a law and order situation, as an internal affair that should be controlled and abolished. It is amazing how a colonised people can become a coloniser just after the departure of the original colonialists. In the brouhaha, a lot of natives, with their indecision about taking a political stand on an individual level, annd the ethnic animosity and ceaseless social unrests on a societal level have been utilised optimally by those who are involved in the glorious project of Indian nation-building processes. But the truth cannot be hidden, as in we cannot fool all the people all the time. If India has the gut to admit its ignorance and arrogance, things would have been quite different; or maybe not, but as of now we are living in one of the darkest periods of history. Anyway, the following is the complete text of the Manipur Merger Agreement 1949 that was, with or without legitimacy, signed by a former king of Manipur, while he was kept under house arrest in Shillong.