Design Elements 101

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.
Scott Adams

A beauty of design lies in the fact that it can be defined in a language we are familiar with. Science might find it hard to digest this universal fact because of the lack of its objectivity.

However, in a universe where imaginary gods and multiple heavens exist, a design based on creativity and a well-defined thought process is more rational and concrete than the assumed truth of our existence. It is because like any human endeavour, design is based on established rules and theories even, if the conception might vary from one person to another.

To take an example, for Dieter Ram, design was all about making things ‘intelligible and memorable’ and for Saul Bass, his sole intention was to ‘make beautiful things, even if nobody cares, as opposed to ugly things’.

Tonight we have 10 basic design elements with supplements. And here’s another beauty of design: It is not necessary to follow the rules but as in any other creative task, we have to be clear enough to define it in our own language. The following design elements and principles are a foundation to realise that definition.



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