How Now, Brown Cow?

With the rise of the right-wing government (BJP) in New Delhi, cows have apparently become more important than the people. Simultaneously, a few words and expressions have entered into the everyday conversation: cow vigilante groups, cow protection force, cow-worshippers and cow-dung-eaters. Recently, a leader of a right-wing organisation (RSS) had also ridiculously claimed that ‘hopeful people will give up eating beef in North East’. Hopefully, we wish these organisations will give up their stupidities as well.

Never mind; tonight, a few tweets have inspired me to create this collection of finishing memorable lines from popular English novels, in which I have replaced random words with ‘cow’ in the text, which give us a whole new level of understanding cow-ing politics.

[PS: Pity those people who have never tasted a beef delicacy. For a lifetime, there is going to be an empty and uncharted space inside them and around their existence.]

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