Critical Tomba 1: General Strikes

The gradually increasing number of suspended low-ranking government employees—thanks to the anti-corruption initiative of the incumbent Government—has raised the likelihood of more general strikes, or popularly bandh, in the forthcoming weeks and months, a senior political analyst told a group of tea drinkers at a stall in Sagolband Mantri Leikai today. He reasoned it is not unexpected considering two major prevailing factors: (i) for any grievances, regardless of reason or intention, it is as common as the rain in June for individuals and groups in Manipur to form a JAC or a CSO, or lately a people’s action committee, and call a strike and (ii) any such strike has been quite a result-oriented way of protest. A tea drinker nodded, while taking sips slowly, and muttered that the people have been indeed witnessing these successful direct action regularly in the town.

Critical Tomba
is a brief column based on Manipuri absurdities and inspired by a statement made by the American vaudevillian Will Rogers, who remarked: ‘I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.’


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