Critical Tomba 2: Ground Reality

A team of Manipuri ground reality experts will be travelling to the Sun in a literal heavenly mission to explore the ground reality on the all-powerful star—to see as it is on its very surface, a statement released by the All Manipur Ground Reality Experts’ Group said this evening. The mission aims to prove the group’s main assertion that people have to be on the ground, precisely in Manipur, if they ever intend to talk about the state and that non-resident Manipuris—whichever part of the universe they are in—should rather worry about their education or profession than talk about the state sans the idea of its ground reality, the statement added. In a prelaunch programme, MC Taruni of All Manipur Ground Experts’ Group expressed her best wishes for the team, which for practical purposes, will be travelling during night-time to land safely on the Sun, the statement concluded.



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