[/pɑːr iː/]

◈This poem is a translation of an untitled poem by Sonia Nepram that was originally written in Meiteilon. ◈ Paari, in Meiteilon, means a son.

My dear boy,
I’d fast for our land
Wage the Women’s War for our land
I’d put on a phanek just for our land
Disrobe it for the sake of our land.
I’d even grab the guns but now my dear boy
All you see is merely a womb
Just a doll that you’d wrap in finery
And I have to breathe only when you tell.
My liberty is losing in your land
See my love is losing in your land,
One day even before you realise,
All of us might have been gone,
Out of desperation
But tell it matters not
Tell as well it’s all vain and get away from here.
Of inevitability
That moment may come,
Never forget it, my dear boy.

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