karl marx at keishampat jn

the huirem hanubi always talks about ten bucks
back in those days, in her days
it meant a fortune
and you know it was coming
even before she opened her mouth
you heard her ten times many a days
oh, how she's reminded of again today

when for ten bucks you have to buy a stuff
howsoever little, howsoever trivial
you have to pay for what you have to buy
you have to give for what you have to take
and there, karl marx stands
by a bora stall at keishampat jn
for all the peace you don’t have
for all the pain, he says
pay the price and have them
or have not; it will be as you wish
you can pay and still have not
but pay, it rules because it’s a developed world
as he adds interpretation is not the end
and revolution is the solution

all the money is in the bank accounts, alas
tell not whose, they say,
it’s a dangerous place, they say
you might get, who knows, hurt
yet how is it to be paid is the headache
anyhow you have to pay
--pay, it’s a developed world
and karl marx talks of some bora people
was the bourgeois mentioned -- it’s uncertain
some people with the money; may be not
they have to pay, he says
but then it’s just an interpretation
for revolution is the solution
the price, who knows, is a paper
a pen, perhaps
albeit, anyway, pay you have to
it’s a developed world



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