Dharma Drama

The water was cold,
November can turn it into stones
But there, there’s little science to dig further.
Priests love water more than my love for wine
In the service of the God it is all love and care
And perhaps the privileges, freebies, favours, profits too.
And I had few feelings and my mind was as good as empty.

As the priest signalled me to come forward
I did and I did well
Instantly I asked what benefits I was supposed to get

Privileges, freebies, favours, profits
—When do I get them?

I was still there in the middle of some unknown lord’s prayer
A sacrament for adoption for sure, there in the church
But Hose, I want no heaven nor salvation
I asked tout de suite about the benefits

Oh yes, God can give so many things
And more privileges, freebies, favours, profits
Nongthombam Shribiren says he ain't baptised
So he’s got nothing to do with God
So as I do
And I believe like Thangjam Ibopishak would say
A God is made of woodwork or with plastic
But this God comes with perks
In the name of the holy placebo effect,
The God does play this effect-game so good.
Anyway I just got baptised
What benefits was I supposed to get then?
I pray for privileges, freebies, favours, profits
And one famous artist from faraway Europe
He said the man became a God through a vote,
Wait—do his followers become jerks through suffrage?
Can I get benefits through voting?
I’ll vote for privileges, freebies, favours, profits.

Ain’t I Baptised (Ei Laiming Loude) - Nongthombam Shribiren
Of the Housefly (Hayingkhongyambi) - Thangjam Ibopishak



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