This Is the Story, This Is What We Call Is Real

What it is, it is
It remains as it is.

There are reasons galore
There are reasons for things unreasonable
Still it is what it is.

There are absurdities in abundance,
Sometimes too absurd to reason them at all
And it remains what is.

One hand we have reasons
On the other reasons have us,
On one hand we have absurdities
On the other absurdities have us.

The world is what it is
The Universe remains as it is

Packed from head to toe like it is the real deal
As reasons and absurdities bombard,
Still the world is what it is.

In the end we got to see the big picture
Yet we know so little so scarcely,
And we don’t even know why we exist.

But that’s the story
That’s what we call is real
With thick and thin strokes of definitions and contradictions
We paint, or try painting, our arts.



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