Private Investigation II

The Great Puppet Show

It is funny how a government can be ridiculed in the valley, and observe the desperation they are showing overtly to keep their masters happy.

Recently, the Manipur govt has been on a drive to arrest and have already taken in custody, several leaders of the Apunba Lup, an umbrella organisation of 32 socio-political and cultural fronts. Police charge they are sympathisers of militant organisations, having close links with the rebels. However, the Lup denies the allegation, citing their role in campaign against state terrorism, had infuriarated the establishment.

Might is right, as the saying goes. In contemporary Manipur, the utter lack of justice is sometimes seen as a period of transition, while no one knows what lies in store for the people. Power lies in the barrel of a gun, and authority lies in the group who can speak loudest, no matter what the consequences are.

It is even more interesting, how the SPF Govt has been in power, amidst the mess, for two consecutive terms. Is it because they can play well to the script provided by the Union govt or that the common people are so gullible? Either ways, Manipur is heading towards primitive times. And it sucks!       �



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