Private Investigation IV

O Brother, Where Art Thou

An atrocious conflict between vested powers in Manipur, where a dark horizon ever looms over the nine hill ranges, is blocking the path to glory. Modern societies are thriving on the fruits of human intellect, however our thoughts are unforunately, engrossed in petty affairs of corruption, violence and savagery.

Contemporary Manipur, much to our dismay, presents the best-case scenario of human decadence. The place is riddled with a situation, where there is no solution to any problem, while every problem has its deep-rooted causes and their unrestraint effects. How do you explain the sheer lack of political will or the identity crisis, for that matter? People are proud of their land, while they are confused, finding no substance in the legacy.

We need to overhaul the system completely. No foreign ideologies could replace the thoughts that are needed to dispel the myths and misconceptions. What we need is a revolution in the revolution!

There is going to be more destruction, in the fight to claim authority between the power players. It is late that we have to realise we are living in a world where GDP measures socio-economical development. Still, as the saying goes, it is better late than never.    �



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