Chalk and cheese

That we called a chalk
That we called a cheese
Sit deceptively on the table
Showing a shadow of evidence
And their deception so green
as truly as the words
as actual as the reality
But nothing remains when
Truth takes them to the bin.

The local science teacher
who teaches Chemistry
She would tell reliably
the subject's not
about chemicals
but the subject's the language
about chemicals.

No corporal punishment
will make us clutch on
the reality's bald head
Tho' we have the idea
how painful it was
It was the pain we feel it!

A chalk is a chalk
that we feel we can write with
A cheese is a cheese
that we feel we can eat it.

Now, there's no love lost between
what we feel and what we see
And no more will a chalk squeak
And no one will move the cheese.



The paucity of truth,
it is found only in arithmetic
and trigonometry and algebra
In the end, the reality is me
it's the perception
It's all but the self-realisation.

There is no meaning of
democracy in a military state
For the rule of the gun
is not the rule of the great unwashed
Civics textbooks, they were written 
so that the kids with ceaseless mucus
don't have to shit on newspapers.



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