Mother: On being & becoming your son

Mother, come see your son
I'm what I'm today,
What I can, I can do now.

One not so fine day
Mother, you called me
from the Sagolband side of the Nambul
while I was smoking grass on the QT,
on the other Uripok side,
squatting on the moist riverbank sands
with my friends who have been home
equating lifespan with the bit of bombs and bullets
loitering in the lightless leirak and leikai.

I was angry, Mother, you made me look like
a fool in front of the folks
And I was ireful you made me look like a kiddy
when I had already passed Class Twelve
when I had already passed the voting age
At least you could have waited for me at home
At least you could have gone away like you saw nothing
But you called me again, your eyes cleared
and your mouth slightly agaped
and I saw something was significant.

Mother, you gestured we had to talk at home
I was still so stoned, and was so lost mulling over
the hidden meanings in Ougri
and the origin of the universe
When I did move, dawdling behind you,
the likes of a chick following a hen.

Hiding your emotions, Mother, you put forward
I would need to leave home
and go to Zhongphi to become a doctor
and go to Tumkur to become an engineer
yet I wanted to go nowhere
leaving you alone in this land
And what I wanted to be was a commando,
A police commando, Mother.

So I started becoming
I have continued becoming, Mother
I'm becoming so social.



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