Our happiness hole

Inside the large gallery hall:

our chef-d'oeuvre has been drawn on 
the expressive canvas of the Ideal Man
in psychedelic colours and nullity.
The square fabric has a hole, with 
tattered frills, in the centre 
to add up to its creative finish 
and we are enjoying putting in 
our head inside. Inside here, 
we can even hide from 
the gods and the giants.

And we have found this is the place more cosy
than the dark restaurant cubicles
This is the spot better
than the open fields of the night.

We will see not, come across not
Anymore, anymore
The zero-bulb fuck and its antagonists
who had measured morality
with a warm squishy condom, found
helplessly choking under the coffee table. 
But we will have the eureka moment now 
Unrestrained orgy and sheer pleasure.

Behind this canvas,
with a head painted inside the tail
and the body tinged with venom,
we will seek all surreal happiness.
The grim reality wanders listlessly
in front of this picture
and just away from this picture
and beyond. 



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