Short Stories' Propaganda

What is being us, and what is not being us; we are lost for we have lost our plots, the dizzy-messy world of concocted stories, narrated by the All-Powerful Men and Women’s Groups of our time. The tales we need to tell are not the tales we have been telling the world; these tales scripted by all but not ourselves: the master story-tellers who have high hopes if not telling stories, who live life stealing for their wives and children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren and so on; and the original story-tellers of the land, whose stories — filled with the tales of valour in the jungle, and of knack for mixing business with pleasure — all of these we find more interesting, yet our self-narrated stories are fake and inaudible. We must play the main characters in our own stories but they have been playing the main characters in our stories, while we are side-cast, we are downcast — that they have scripted our stories, that they have played our parts; but then, is this why we have so many killings and slaying, when we have no control on the farcical stories, which are more engaging on books and newspapers? It’s time we have to live and play and create our own stories. The end is the beginning. Concluded.



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