God is not Dead

God is not dead, 
But pretty much alive in so many divine ways
In and out, here and there, left and right
One of our oldest kings is also a god
He looks like a big python and a dragon
And there are beautiful goddesses
More lovely than the others
Falling in love can be so devotional
God is not dead, my friends,
And there are many photos, you can see
In colors, in monochrome, in black and white
There are many artists too, who can paint gods
Sometimes all adorned and sometimes all naked.

Once an old man told me
The gods and goddesses live elsewhere
They fled for we curse too much
They are found everywhere, I said, like bombs in our place
He told me I will know it when I reach his age
I do like to reach his age and prove him wrong
But I’m afraid he will be a dead man then
Don’t wait for heaven, it will come to you, he advised
“Chant the names: a ding ling ga jing ga
They will let you garner
They will let you plunder
The last time I had, it was the wet dream about a goddess.”
The old man must have been dead by now,
But God is not dead, it lives deep inside the mind.

“Adubudi makha-romgi emoong-sina ookang-na shaba (lai-ni) haibiribani. Yaragadi ookang-na shaba haiduna noknariba makhoising asi dandi amadi pibiyu. Marei thadatpigera, macha-machusing soinaina pok-hanbigera amadi toubiyu.”
“Kuireda . . . Epang-galna tanjaba nattana kanamattana maroi maka amafao katladre. Ibungobu thajadaba-nara, eibu nungsidaba-nara madudi khangdre . . . Kali da bamon oiruba nanaidi karinungino haibadu yowrabani. Khangbidarene nanaigi awabasibu?”
Meino’s (a protagonist) dialogue, from the short story Nanai Meinogi Mang, written by Sudhir Naoroibam
god is drunk
trying to cry in guilt for israel
god is drunk
and talking nonsense
i shout back “i cant shit if it is noisy
so shut the fuck up
otherwise you wont get ur next peg”
Impromptu lines from Akhu Chingangbam, the Street Poet




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