rocket gabble: shoot them away to uranus


the special passengers should go,
where they really belong to,
others can also join if they want to


we must get the rocket,
our monstrous creation,
out of our trouble;
get it ready now.

the men in white: their class is supreme, let it be
and should they seat in the lavish business section
and load up all their loots and goods beneath their seats
and should they wear gaudy yellow and orange ties,
like the old man with a coat and tie from noney
who came all the way to buy the gospel cd;
the supreme men have looted enough all along,
in the name of the land
in the name of people
now the time is over;
so is it for the clever middlemen
who ever dream of heaven in our hell:
take the seat behind the supreme leaders,
dream of a better place than heaven now,
far away from blood, bombs, bullets, bollocks;
the police and the patriots of the land
should they take the economy section
at the rear, should they fire, fight, fuck freely
inside the special rocket, off our world.

shoot; shoot it right away,
straight off to uranus
but we are so afraid:
what would become of us,
without them, the wise men
what would become of us?


All in a Day's Work
Jan 8 2011

1. Grenade lobbed at the Sangai Express office; media persons take out rally against grenade threats
2.  The grenade attacks on the Congress party have continued unabated with unidentified persons lobbing grenades at the office of the party at Nambol, while another was lobbed at the residence of a Congress worker at Sagolband yesterday. Another hand grenade exploded yesterday at the residence of Congress MLA Brajabidhu of Lamsang, while another was unexploded Chinese made hand grenade was found this morning from the MLA’s residence. (This is a single para directly copied from the web!)
3. Imphal west police nab PLA cadres along with huge cache of arms involved in attacks on Congress
Source: Imphal Free Press (Jan 8)

So we say: "Bomb mayamse thi chaibagi type chaire"



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