Today’s Morning News

Seven people killed, only three places bombed today;
In four places, sit-in-protest against the killing and bombing today;
The policemen blamed the patriots
The patriots are absconding, and a lot, the patriots are earning
The patriots blame the India—and of the land its vendible junta;
The India is sending a rocket to the moon in 2012;
6,000 acres of poppy fields are burned down, now deeper the raisers delve;
The genital doctor, he is my neighbour, has got a 1-crore demand letter
Search operation were conducted, luckily for the locality, only one suspect arrested
(According to some unreliable official sources)
The India is sending more mainland couches
For the beautiful wives and their riflemen and the army men;
I read the news, early morning, as I wait for the final poop
As I dream about fucking my motherland.



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