Beer Blues

After two beer bottles
The unknown man touts he supports the people
Anyone against them should be sent to Norok the hell
His words of wisdom whirl in the smoke-filled room
We could smell some strange hopes.

After two beer bottles
The churup hangs between his lips
As the professor narrates in a textbook style
The people are in history, geography and study of polity
The answers to life lie between the pages of the unread books.

After two beer bottles
The fighter says the son of the soil is here
Power be with the people
And he leaves us
He has to go, drop the demand letters.

After two beer bottles
The administrator raises both its long hands
We are the people
We have to go to the authority with validation
And it turns its face to its deaf master.

Abandoned on the floor, the beer bottles wail
Like no drunkard had ever done
Yet in their squeals were the dreams that I can see
Of no animal but themselves,
And after two beer bottles I feel no hunger.



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