Evening Inventory, 8:57PM

In the evening, in the Indian summer
I had taken the sixth bathing of the day
Then I had gone out and bought a whisky,
A quarter of Royal Challenger, though I have no power
I would rather poop on Govinda at Govindaji
Than I would challenge the Royal;
The Royal Rajkumars and the Royal Rajkumaris
But why, whisky and Maharajkumari rhyme so well;
Then I bought a cigarette packet
The second time on this Indian summer day;
I bought chops and a three-packet soaps
I bought a soda, I bought a magazine
Now I want to buy a country.
The whisky is ninety
The cigarette is fifty
The chop is twenty
The soap is sixty
The soda and the magazine are sixty;
What is the price of a country?



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