On Walking Along the Riverbanks

On Walking Along the Riverbanks © Kapil Arambam

We walk along the riverbanks every night
We just walk; nothing we have to do
Every night we just walk along
In the darkness in the foot-marked path

Most of the time we find the junkies
In their last round
Their last shots of the day
Heroin from Lamka and Lilong
Most of the time we find the pot heads
As they smoke arrogantly
The best marijuana
In the best bloody country

As we walk along the riverbanks we see them
We see the fish catchers
We see the drunken men
We see the unknown women
We see the lame men

In the darkness we walk along the darkness.
Tonight we see the fishes
The numb-nosed, foolish fishes
They should be on the newspapers
With their names and ages and addresses
Catch and fry and let them confess
Confess to their numbness and dumbness
Kill kill kill kill those without the numbness.

We have walked long tonight
Kill and we should peel and cook
The dinner is going to be fine tonight 
We will walk along the riverbanks all night long.



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