Beyond Toleration Level

In an exhibition of stripping naked proudly, the great unwashed all of them have become India: a great country of unity in diversity and in its hands, any magic wand to let us clothe and culture ourselves is redundant for there is nothing to see in the bareness of the listlessly living souls.

And it is too much
It is exceeding 1,000 kilogram
And we are having it
When we need just ten or twenty,
When we speak against the army
But we would cry for our country;
When we believe the lie
The army has nothing to do with the country.

Zombie’s paradise
Eye sore, ear sore, rear sore
Nobody is more patriotic than a zombie
We should kill ourselves for the country.

There exists a level for toleration,
Whether we stop moaning and growling;

Or I’ll just go get
a hearing protection device,
an eye protection device,
a rear protection device
For pity’s sake.

Beyond Toleration Level - 2012



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