Bop the Cop and Chop

Just around the corner is just perfect
They kill and they are outlaws
So do we kill, but it’s different, it’s justice
Even if justice is no different from injustice
So just around the corner, it has to be done;

Dozens of armed men have planned
On this route to visit their well-secured dens
Before they come along we can sing a song:
This is going to be tough;
Let it be less rough.

Now should we get a pig from the prison?
Should we raid a house?

They have to die in a special location
Their wallets should not be empty
Don’t forget the grenade;
Two grenades were found last month in a wallet.

Yet nothing matters in the end;
A few lives lost
A few more years of pain
A few more killing and robbing,
It’s all in our world
That’s only what we are.



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