New Year Rants

Happy new year, guys!

I'm naturally a slow man, so never mind the three loooong days that had passed by. Before I start posting the rants and rambles on this blog, I decided I should put some of the things in order. First thing first.

I came running back home yesterday evening, seeing that we can split the header of the blog into two or three parts. I never knew it despite preferring to customise this blog template as much as I can. I spent nearly four hours tweaking the parts, until I got this head.  My impulsiveness is amazing. I had used Copper Black font the entire session, then I changed it into Calibri in the last minute. (A day later I have changed the entire layout again!)

Designing is quite a nice hobby. I have never learnt it formally but I can flaunt my love for it. Even quality comes after the desire to design. If you have instincts to create and recreate or have a love for words, I would suggest you should blog too. Get the MS Word always ready. Make a short cut for Notepad on the desktop. Get the Windows journal. Get Photoshop or Illustrator and half of the job is done if not you have a love for procrastination, like I have for delaying the more significant things in life and devoting my time here. But I believe designing is more important than ranting and rambling.

I'm glad to see the number of posts is increasing every year. The blog football also reach 80,000 today. I remember how I used to CtrlC+CtrlV any favourite information from the internet. Once I used to have a direct webpage from BBC, but I have removed  those CtrlC+CtrlVed items while concentrating on recreating by myself. I'm not a writer. I'm neither a poet. Nor a designer per se. I consider myself I'm just an expression-enthusiast and a judgmental prick when it comes to the politics of my hometown and beyond.

New year, new thoughts

For the last couple of months, I have been waiting for this new year. Last year had been a disaster for me, personally and professionally. How I wish to delete November and December from the calendars! I learnt it the hard way that good decisions take you to success-land, bad decisions take you everywhere. I don't have to look back now. This year started, playing an extremely cold note; I might be able to get some heat.

Looking forward, I'm planning to improve from my last effort. Glad to know, understanding how to split the head of this blog is the first thing I have learnt this year. The story goes on...

Things to do, 2013

I should stick to the resolution to be happier, in contrast to the-so-common cynicism about the duration of a resolution. I should create more happily and get rid of the attachment to any mundane object. It's the way to happiness or no way at all.

Image clips from Anonymous ART of Revolution

New Year Rants


  1. Good luck with your resolutions....Happy New Year. Stay happy :)

    1. That's so nice of you. Happy new year.


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