On Feeling Nationless, On Seeing the Meaninglessness

You give me your name written on a cow
You can take away
Wrapped in boxes of poop
All the motherland feelings;
I would endure them, for that name

You give me a name
Now you can take it
It is written all over
—My university degrees
My school certificates,
You can take them
All the meanings in it,
And leave me meaningless;

And I could vanish into my own shadows
And I would not complain
And I would not resist;

I’m used to giving you my unwilling attention
I’m used to take your words, so senseless;
Now take everything you need,
Take away the name,
Take everything away

I know the other patriots,
They are mushrooming in my backyard
With guns that spell as revolution in boxes of more poop
I would start a revolution to erase the boundaries
I would bury your love for your land, deep down the land

When I give you, my right and you show me your might
I had believed you would not kill me
And here I am, alive, yet
Nothing is different from death;

In the bareness
You gave me your country
I had drank it with my whisky
It might come out in my puke
Would you please take it back?



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